Item "Silent Town - Logo Reveal" has been rejected

Hi. New template have created. Here is the link to this project:

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

"It’s a bit too simple and doesn’t offer enough value to be considered a professional template project.
When you create template project you need to create something that either uses advanced techniques, something that is time consuming to make and would save a lot of time for the buyer or something that uses advanced visual effects that makes even simple things look outstanding. "

Here is my thoughts:

“Yes, in this project logo/text reveal is like in many other templates. Yes, people won’t buy this project as a template but as READY project for their needs. Why not to approve this item for this purpose?”

Gyus, what you don’t like in this video and what you like? I like everything, even using some technics in this item as a template.


Hey Bonal,

Actually what I don’t like in this template, the white overlay, it doesn’t look good and it’s hide the details of the logo, and the particles it looks like pasted on the video it doens’t look combined with scene. The logo particles reveal looks good.

Hope this will help you :slight_smile: