Item Reviewing

Hello Dear Honorable Authors,
Would you please Give a feedback about my logo & suggest me how can I improve this to get the approval from Graphic River? I am completely new in this field. So I need the concrete help.

Thank You!

hi this is very far from standards
u have a whole lot of things to fix indeed
1- typo
texts look distorted , the fonts are neither aesthetics nor really original or being combined

2- tagline
the tagline and the main name are not well proportioned

3- illustration lines
lines are too thin … the logos are considered in small size and too thin elements are not looking ok in such conditions

4- logo style
too detailed for me , too many elements, this is not GR’s style, not to mention that the thing looks outdated …

5- global lack of harmony
colors, style and everything … look everything but not harmonious … elements look like they have separately being pasted and put together …

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Thank You Sir :slight_smile:

u are welcome buddy :slight_smile: