Item Review System is very bad

First I think envato market place is very good. but Sorry to i am very confused, there item review system is very bad. i submit my item is 11 days ago, not result. average time is 8 days. If they continue there bad review system many freelancer has left this marketplace. if they take many days to review time ,One freelancer have two result in one month. but i think the review time is less then 4 days every freelancer will be happy.

hi , we definitely agree about the fact that if review could be faster it would be great , though, the reviewing system is beneficial to authors ā€¦ this is preventing from being submegerged with a huge collection of of flat or poor things ā€¦ the system is not perfect but this is way better than not having any an u should think about it, especially at a time there are so many guys in town and so many items already ā€¦
if freelancers are leaving as u mentioned this is rather because of fees or some of the lattest introductions rather than the review system ā€¦ u also have to be aware that many other wake up for the second half of the year and that submissions are way more massive indeed ā€¦


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This time is Probable Time not fixed

Still If your have any other question you can

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I agree with you. The review time is much too long. Especially when you have seasonal items. Iā€™m sorry, but this is not acceptable.

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Hi @Envato-Boss

If you check the review Time

If you click in individual link you will see details. Most important thing there you will see average wait time of review for the last 7 days. If review quee is high then this time can increase. As we know Envato is doing best and the new Submit Item is increasing day by day. So for a big amount of quee time can take some more. In this case we should keep patient. Please wait and hope you will get email soon for your Item review result.


there is the option of hiring more reviewers lol we can dream after all lol

no one is ignoring that there are always more people in town ā€¦ and thus the number of items are increasing especially in the second half of the year but with high fees like the ones we have here this is legitimate to feel like they could hire a bit more reviewers at least temporarily

Hi @n2n44

yes I agree with you. We are requesting to Envato to think about it.
Never mind but personally I think review time should not be very less because in that case more more Item will be published within a week and customer always get new Items and may be customer have not enough time to review all Items. So they will just will check most recent Items and best trending/best seller/best rating Items. and in this way many items released 1/2 weeks ago customer will not check. So, Author always will do competition with making new Items rather than best featuring Quality. It is just my opinion.


customers habit are hard to identify sometimes u sell an old item that u did not sell for long, anythign related to sales is hardly predictable anyways, what u said is not wrong but most importantly for me the real deal would be to limit daily submissions to one ā€¦ u see guys who have 5,6,7, or more sometimes , how can the work be so unique and so much of a hard standard in this case , for me this is mainly saturating teh market and making the quality level go down ā€¦ and this provides people with much things to review and push them into rejecting more normally too