Item rejection - Please feedback on it

Hi guys,

My first item was rejected and in the email, the Envato team mentioned a few reasons like:

  • Typography.
  • More attention to details.
  • Better design consistency.
  • Overall spacing and alignment
  • Page content flow and general UX
  • Does not meet technical requirements

However, they weren’t really explained. And like, the fonts I’m using are Sacramento (Google Fonts) and Futura PT (a great font for web design, IMO) and none of the Elementor Kits I’ve seen neither here nor in Envato Elements use that font pairing.

As for the attention to details and better design consistency, I tried to be thorough in checking my design (it’s an Elementor design) for all devices and nothing really stood out to me that was out of place and/or poorly placed or anything.

Finally, I certainly don’t understand what meets technical requirements mean, so if you can give me feedback on this and all of the items above, that’d be helpful.

It is here: - And while creating this topic, I realized that I didn’t add a page where all the designs would be (like there are 2 versions of the home page, a category archive’s page, and single post page, a popup for the menu on tablet and mobile, and a 404 page).

If the design overall just stinks, please do say so without pulling any punches.