Item Rejection Issue

Sorry about that, it seems the changes weren’t enough. If you are intending to rework the project, I don’t recommend you re-upload it so soon as you did, a hard rejection demands time. At this point, at least 10 days to make drastic changes. Even the greatest authors have experienced a rejection once, so take a breath and keep going :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi deluxescript,

Some reviewers are tolerant when starting the review, others are not. Maybe a second reviewer did the Hard Rejection after just looking your front page.

Here my insights, sorry if I’m interfering in your work, just intending to improve it:

  • Bring more flexibility for the customization of the item, in a way that your customers can make their sites different from each other. Currently, if people purchase your item, they can modify only texts and icons, so all their sites will look the same. Background images are a great opportunity on this matter.

  • Use a Hero image, instead to keep all thing in burgundy.

  • Rework the design of “What we offer” blocks, they are very basic. For example: you could use a background image for every block and make the content and icons in white. And instead of a simple circle for these icons, try something more detailed.

  • Replace the “Any Payment you want…” and buildings in the background by a Call to Action section and button. You can use a background image to the Call To Action.

  • The content of your home page is very short. Try to create at least one more section. What about a carousel of Testmonials/Reviewes AND/OR a carousel of partners? I think you can use both, so the reviewer will understand you are really trying to make the item way better.

  • The dropdown launched by the Hamburger menu is failing on mobile, be careful with these details. Put a background color on it:

  • Glued buttons on mobile view, use margin-top to fix it:

  • Rework/reduce font sizes and elements (like icons) for mobile devices, heading texts mainly:

  • Some inspiration for you:

These are some improvements after a quick navigation.

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Hi deluxescript,

I’ll leave it for more experienced users, but I think reviewers are considering approve items with more complex interfaces for dashboards, as you can see on the recent items approved:

You can see that all of them have some stat charts, at least… just an idea.

So you are saying about need to add content in dashboard right?