Item rejection feedback

Hi guys,
I get my item rejected, and the reviewer comment is :

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

This is my item :

Can you help me understand the reasons for that rejection, the reviewer’s explanation is too general.

Thank you.

Hi @RedDotBeats

  • three minutes of music with four instruments (I did not recognize the bass instrument - is it Cello or DblBass?)
  • no song evolving
  • the intention of the melody is to transport a very sensual mood - you’re using drums with the loudness and sound of an industrial forge - why you are using this hybrid metallic drum sound?
  • the violin is played in low notes and is over saturated - it sounds synthetic
  • the violin and the piano sounding detuned together
  • you drumparts together with the piano parts sounding completely out of any kind of a plan, I’m sorry to say that with this words, but I really got the impression, that your piano and drum parts sounding randomly played.

What I liked was the intention of the mood and the melody of the violin. I guess to know, what you had in mind with this song - but the execution failed…unfortunately.

Thank you for your feedbacks, I’ll try to fix it according to your advices.

Hey! I totally agree with Daydreamz-Studios, drums like that are out of place here. Sorry for my English.

Hi bobfox, is it about the kind of drum or volume and loudness, in fact my idea was to use tribal drums in that music, like this one here :

can you explain plz? thank you.

Hi Daydreamz-Studios

I take my time to check all your advice so can you help with this :

  • is it Cello or DblBass?
    yes, it’s a cello, should I remove it or change it?
  • no song evolving
    Sorry but I don’t understand the point
  • why you are using this hybrid metallic drum sound?
    Should I change the drums or reduce its loudness? what do you advise?
  • the violin is played in low notes and is over saturated
    I agree I’ll try to change the instrument, but can we fix this with velocity?
  • the violin and the piano sounding detuned together
    So you think is better that I change one of them?
  • you drumparts together with the piano parts sounding completely out of any kind of a plan, I’m sorry to say that with these words, but I really got the impression, that your piano and drum parts sounding randomly played.
    Do you think that it’s the case on all sound? i noticed that only in the middle of the track, what do you advise to resolve this?

Finally, I’m here to learn from experienced producers, so I really take any advice seriously, sorry to bother you with all of these questions, and my target is not to sell at this stage, I’m aware that I’m a beginner here so I know my limit, but I submit tracks to get reviews and the day I succeed to get one track accepted I’ll know that I’m ok and that I learned from you guys.

Thank you so much for the help, and sorry for my English too :slight_smile:

I agree that the drums are over powering for use with the soft piano and bass sounds. I would get rid of them, maybe only keep the deepest drum sounds and use sparingly. I would keep the piano and deep plucked string instrument and develop that. I would try other instruments instead of the violin. Maybe go for deeper strings. Keep the piano as the high instrument. Just every now and then bring in the sound of a high stringed instrument to make that note more interesting. Hope that helps or gives some idea.

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll try to update it as you suggested, thank you for your constructive feedback.

Hi @RedDotBeats ist’s sometimes hard to find the right words, what to do or to fix and to give you the right hints and tips for a better result.
So I made a very rough music sketch for you, which considerates the most important points of my critics. The sketch it is neither fully worked out nor well mastered and is only 24 bars long. It is only my thoughts to your song and how I would do a song with an intention like yours. There are thousands of other ways to do it. Because I do not own a good sounding solo violin library, I decided to use a solo cello.

  • song evolving means, that a song should not play in it’s same state. It evoleves with an intro, a bridge, a refrain, outro and so far. The most simplest way for song evolving is adding instruments.
  • hear in the sketch the careful usage of the drums and percussion while transporting the sensual mood of the solo instrument

And here is the sketch: Music Sketch by DAYDREAMZ STUDIOS | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I hope, that helps a bit to recognize the details in my critics.

Simply WOW, that’s too deep sir, wow you are the one dude, I really love it damn, it’s too sensual Thank you I guess I got it now, I’ll update the track and let you know, hope I’ll be able to reach your level one day, thank you too much bro.

Hello RedDotBeats !!!
The drums are too powerful and played too often, many of times. The drums you showed in the example are too aggressive for your piece. Use drums at the beginning of a certain part (verse, chorus), sometimes, to add more emotion - at the peak of the musical emotion, or just at the beginning of every 8th or 16th bar of the song. The drums should be placed in the background of the space (reverb and volume). Also try using this loop (in the background and at low volume) Chillout_Percussion_60 BPM. Sorry for my English.

Hi bob, Thank you very much for your advice, I’ll do what you suggest, thank you again for your constructive comments.

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I would say first: odd choices of sounds that don’t blend well in the context. That low pizzicato part don’t fit with the rest in the context to me. The drums sounds epic but the rest intimate. You could keep these drums and add brass and strings sections and yet keep the other elements to make it epic and fill the register to get a full sound. You could too get rid of these drums and add a strings section in the back making harmony, light rhythm motifs evolving in intensity through the piece etc and keeping it intimate. For a track that long it needs new things happening before the end. A clearer direction/progression. Add a new sound for the last repetitions of the theme. Be sure that the climax is a bit louder than any other parts. Work on transitions to make it flow better. In short, the arrangement are too empty and repettitve without enough sense of direction and some elements don’t blend well in the context as it is.

I hope it helps! :smiley:

Thank you very much for your advices, sure it’s a valuable help.