Item rejection cannot understand

I was submited an javascript item in codecanyou but it is rejected. It is type of application and coded by me 100%. I cannot understand the reason of rejection. Can give me some suggestion please. Here is the demo link.

Your script doesn’t work. I checked in Firefox. See how you had to promote your work better. Compare

Cannot got you. As i checked in mozila it is working properly. Do you talking about the design? look and feel?

Doesn’t work in FF or Chrome for us

But it is working in both I think I have to give the process in details in starting page for your use just select a gray box by click over it and insert a heaight value in the text box below then press the save setting button t will take you inside the tool

Well it doesn’t seem to want to work for us but regardless the execution of that demo is not good enough for here and we can’t believe that the far left choices are meant to be touching together?

Just look at the detail that goes into the rev slider demo shared by @Monkeysan

Thank you I got it. I must rebuilt the demo with more information about the tool and also break the primary settings of the tool in several steps so that user can understand it in batter way