Item Rejection after doing so many changes to it.

Dear respected sir,
I have uploaded an item on your platfrom codecaynon. Its a tiktok clone app source code.

Firstly around 20 days ago it got soft rejected saying your item is ready to upload but make some change in it and resubmit it.

Change are:

  1. Attach an offline Documentation
  2. Remove commented code.
  3. Remove deprecated code.

We have done all these things done, we have spend good amount of money in it. Our team has checked all the code files one by one.
It takes us one week to solve these points.

After that we have re submit this item with these change and then again we got a mail to change some more things in the code.

This time the things are:

  1. Format your code it has alot of whitespace.
  2. Use lowerCamelCase when naming java variables.

Sir we have solved these problems also.
It takes 3 more days for us to solve it.

After that we had resubmit it again.

And after 3 more days we got a mail saying your item got rejected because it has some errors.

Sir we have spend so much of time in this to get it upload to your platform.

And i also know that no code is perfect, every code has some errors.

I agree that Our code might have some errors but its running smoothly, even we have a live app on this code that one also running smoothly.

And this is what customer wants. They want that the app runs smoothly. If someone from your playform buys a code, they are buying it because they wants to make an good app from that sir. So the product is the app not the code sir. And our final product is good sir.

And this is what this code gives, a good app.
Well in 55$ i have seen only the tiktok clone templates like qvid and startok template are on sale.

And we are giving user a complete source code of an running app with almost the same UI as these templates have.

Then what else the user wants sir ?? I am saying we will give future updates to the users also. If there are some bugs we will definately solve that.
We will help users to get solve their problems.
Even the tictic code has so many bugs, its libraries are outdated, even they got so many bugs in that, see their product comments.

Then how you have approved that code ?
Isn’t it the partiality sir ?

Please sir i request you please approv this code so that we get some sales and you also make some profit with it.

We have spend alot time and money in this. Now its the time to earn some back sir.
And we want this from your platform only. Not on codester, not from sellmyapp, not from codegrape not from pieceX.

Sir we know tiktok is banned in India and may be in US also so if this item got for sale now then we both can make some revenue if we have taken a month more to upload this then who will buy it sir ?? This is the right time for its sale sir.

So please sir approv it and look into the matter.
We will surely give updates after its submission.

Waiting for your positive response sir.

Tushal Dhiman