item rejected .

What quality standard required for logo template. Please tell me.

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Please help for this.

hi i am sorry but your logo in grey color look rather like a clipart than a logo in the first place … this maybe ok for some custom logo depending if the customer likes this style but here this cannot work as u are supposed to bring some templates to the table. This is too detailed , and the global style is differing much with current trends to say the least (current ones are made of substracted shapes from other , using much the pathfinder). In addition, the typo is supe plain, well balance and tasteful no doubt but too plain for a place like GR where expectations are high as far as typo goes … one color versions look better though as u can see in teh small size, the “partition” sort of white space if u wish between the different parts of teh elephant are too close from each other , it would take a bigger gap indeed

Hi LM350design,

Please check recent approvals for animal logos, so you can understand better what reviewers are approving currently:

Get some inspiration:

Good luck with your next projects :+1:

i think standar logo template foor graphicriver is oriiginal logo with multiple variant logo, right?

Please, correct me if i am wrong.

Yes. It is right.

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