Item rejected

Hi, Thank you for your submission.
But, this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

All of my music compositions have been rejected, every time. I always did everything on my own and thought it was my mistake but, this time, it’s different. I have submitted an original composition, played by a REAL orchestra (Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra) and recorded/mixed/mastered by one of the most important sound engineers here in Italy. So my question is: the reviewer means that the audio quality is not good enough, or it means that the composition quality is not good enough?
I just want to know your opinion. Thanks!

EDIT: I have composed this song and asked the orchestra to play it. It’s not someone else work.
EDIT 2: Morning Blues short preview

That is a standard response.
In other hand is not allowed upload someone else work.

It’s not someone else work. I have composed that song and asked the orchestra to play it.

Hi @AffinityProject , you can try placing a link to your track here (on the forum) so that other authors can listen to it, and maybe someone will give you feedback (if you need it).

Hi @CleanMagicAudio ! Here is a short preview of the song: Morning Blues short preview

There are some instruments like out of tempo.

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@Manriquedelara Which instruments do you mean exactly?

That rejection notice generally means that the composition is not the type of thing that will perform well on Audiojungle. Typically, it is due to the composition itself, although it is also could be an arrangement issue. After listening to your track, I can tell you with a fair amount of confidence that the issue is the composition itself. It doesn’t offer much in the way of utility and it isn’t particularly interesting. It’s a very simple blues track without an interesting melody and lacking much variety in the arrangement from start to finish.

@MichalskiMusic I understand, but I’ve found many tracks that are very simple and not particularly interesting, like my composition. Even by searching “blues”. So I don’t understand.
Anyway, thanks for your answer. It helped me a lot

As already mentioned here, some instruments fall out of the general tempo and it sounds a little crooked. Also, I heard something like this in very old films, and as it seemed to me this sounds a bit outdated (this is my purely personal opinion). Try listening top tracks in the same genre here.

This track is great, but sounds like jam music. But it’s not jazz enough. You should understand, that’s music for TV spots, radio jingles, adverts. For that reason it’s a little bit difficult to be free in creative aspect and you should focus more on commercial utility: well-structured sections, montage suitability, clear rhythm, compact melodies and highly-developed sound design.

Thanks @pilot_audio, this is the answer I was looking for.
Have a nice day!