Item rejected

Hi all,
my 1st track is rejected:

what’s wrong:
any opinions are welcome, thanks for the feedback in advance


  1. It sounds like midi. You use very primitive sounds.
  2. Some tracks are too loud and overdrive.
  3. Sometimes notes are out of tact and harmony.
    The idea of arrangment is not too bad, but the item sounds non-commercially at all. Sorry. :unamused:

Check this free VST and try to use it in your production.

Hi aleksalt :grinning:

In my opinion


  • Arrangement maybe not match
  • You need to add some bass
  • Too repetitive, add some variations to keep interest
  • Make Drum forward

Mixed & Master

  • Guitar & piano sound is loud
  • Drum sound is low
  • Mastering need more punch & warming

This is only my opinion

I agree with everything they said. There is a variety of free good sounding vst instruments out there, you just have to look for them. When you find them , focus on the mix. Wish you a lot of luck with your secound upload ! Cheers

The guitar sounds very, very fake. The guitar in particular is an instrument that’s pretty difficult to have sound realistic from a VST - I’d stick to synths, piano, strings for VST’s right now. You can get some decent sounding ones for cheap. I personally think the song’s composition varies too much for something that’d be used in a commercial setting. This sounds like it’d fit mostly in with “corporate” type music, but for that stuff they really don’t want the song they use to change much. It’s mostly about the client using the music to set a particular mood.

thanks for your feedback and the link (will check it out)

thanks for your review

FankiMankizProductio ,
thanks for your opinion, just I’m surprised about VST’s…
will see what I used exactly in that track and will place the list (with presets used there) in this topic

thanks for your advices…
as I mentioned above I’m surprised about VSTi…
I don’t remember which guitar I used (I’ll find it) , but exactly it is not cheap (really!)