Item rejected - your feedback please!

Hello guys,
I need some feedback on a rejected track

Thank you and appreciated

Hello @Epigox,
for me it’s a good track, but it’s too essential… you have to add some other instruments like a piano, or glockenspiel, ecc for a counter melody and some other accompaniment sound, pad or strings, to develop the arrangement…
About the sound transition (reverse cymbal), I would use something more light and with more reverb… Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you… appreciate your comment

Hi, keep this beautiful acoustic guitar playing, work on low end, change bass sound maybe.
Add some instruments playing chords, Some more layers to drums ( i think snap/clap will work amazing with this track)
or you can use shout sounds as a pecssion (hey, oh, yey) this kind a sounds will also work perfect with this type of tracks.
And more dynamics, track is too stabil and little bit boring.
Good luck ^^

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Thank you… appreciate your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like a faked acoustic guitar played on a keyboard.

Hello Audioland, thank you for your honest feedback. The acoustic guitar is from ample sound, and I think it is a high quality guitar sample. Do you mean the problem is in mixing and editing or the sample itself?

It’s not the sample, it’s the playing. Sounds not like played on a real acoustic guitar.