Item rejected, would like to hear your feedback


Hi guys!

I got a hard reject for this song:

Personally, I think that is a very good one (of course :), that can be used in commercials, You Tube videos etc.

To help me to create better music in the future i would like to hear your opinion about the song.

Thanx a lot,


Ok - here are a few first, very subjective, impressions:

  1. The piano has a rather unpleasant, plasticky, midi-ish sound
  2. The heavy accentuation of each 4th note gives the track a monotonuous, dragging, mechanical quality. Not sure about the quantization, maybe it adds to the problem
  3. Some chord variation would certainly help to reduce the monotony
  4. The drums do not really fit in well with the of rest track and add to the mechanical feel
  5. Overall, the production is not very “emotional” if you know what I mean, there is not enough warmth, dreaminess in this track, which is what I presume you were aiming for…

Hope it helps, good luck!


Thanks @FirstNote, this is really a very helpful feedback!


I agree with what firstnote said: The piano sounds really midi/dated, a bit like a preset on some 80’s/90’s keyboard. The same goes for the bass sound. Conceptwise it’s okay, not bad, not particularly good either. Around 1:30 (when the pizzacato’s come into play) it gets really messy and too heavy.

Good luck!