Item rejected without a clear reason

The item I submitted is a payment gateway module for FleetCart. Specifically, it integrates BitPay so store owners can accept payments in 10+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

FleetCart is built with the Laravel Framework and it’s architecture is based on Laravel Modules.


The comprehensive documentation of BitPay for FleetCart can be found here.


This was the reason for my first soft rejection. The Demo URL didn’t go through for some reason. However, it was successfully updated and I highly doubt it was what lead to a hard rejection.

Admin Demo

Login: here


Password: password123

Instructions: Login (credentials are pre-filled) and navigate to Settings for a preview of the BitPay payment method settings.

Please note that you may fully interact with the BitPay settings, but any changes made won’t be persisted.

Customer Demo

Register for an account here(so you may receive demo/test emails), then add product(s) to your cart and checkout with BitPay. You may also checkout as a guest with a valid email.

Note: You will need to have a test wallet to pay for your demo orders. I recommend following the official BitPay guide for creating a testnet wallet. However, even without a wallet, you may test the entire checkout flow, from cart to checkout to BitPay’s hosted payment page.

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated!

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There are various reasons behind items rejected without clear reason such as :
your submission doesn’t meet our requirements for the category it was submitted to. Please firstly you have to check this and resubmitting the items again.
Include some offensive content
you compressed the point where the aesthetic quality suffers etc.

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Thank you. I’ve read all help center articles pertaining to successful uploads and conversely, rejections. I’ve come across verbiage that’s almost exactly what you’ve stated in your comment.

What I’m looking for is someone to go through the demo and give me a comprehensive review of what they think may have attributed to the hard rejection.

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