Item rejected, what is wrong with this track?

Hello guys,

This item was rejected:

Considering the Audiojungle standards, what can I improve on this track?

Poor quality of instruments, bad mixing and a little bit robotic. In my opinion.

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Hi RodrigoBoechat

I liked the song. Simply improve the quality of the samples (strings) and mix, and maybe add more drums or percussion instruments.

Good luck!!!

See above. Plus, it’s too simplistic, makes a pretty amateurish impression overall. If you’re going for a simple chords+beat structure, the sounds/production really need to be impressive, otherwise the track will sound plasticky and naive.

Hello @Rodrigoboechat ! In my opinion, the track seemed to me suitable for video and maybe even someone would have bought it about 5 years ago. I would advise you to listen to top tracks in a similar genre, because The music industry is developing and the tracks are becoming more competitive and stronger in terms of arrangement, musical composition (namely musical creativity). This does not sound very commercially to date as well as outdated…Try, act, listen to the trends of current music.:wink:
Good luck!