Item Rejected : we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

Hello Everyone,

I recently put up my project, “Zeph - Ai Powered Site Builder SaaS” on CodeCanyon. However, it got hard rejected pretty quickly, within about 30 minutes, due to not meeting their quality standards. Unfortunately, they didn’t provide any detailed feedback.

Could anyone please review my item and provide constructive feedback on the following aspects?

  1. Code Quality: Did I miss any coding standards or best practices that should be followed?

  2. Functionality: Are there any features that are missing or could use enhancements?

  3. Design Quality: Are there particular design elements that need improvement for CodeCanyon?

  4. Documentation: Is the documentation clear and comprehensive enough?

  5. User Experience: Any input on the overall user experience would be highly appreciated.

I’m eager to make the necessary improvements and would greatly appreciate any advice or insights from this community.

Thanks for your help.

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