Item rejected - poll system

My item was rejected without some good explanation. It say it can’t be re-upload.
It is poll system that allow to users to vote and see results.
It have very detailed analysis for each poll and for each option. You can see details as age , region , nation , reason for polls and options. And how people who vote for one option vote for other polls. I use d3js for charts.

Demo here email/password

And front

Actually i think that making a page reload on a poll is not really good you should check on ajax side coding for that.

You mean popup vote and ajax update charts on same page? Results now are real , user go to different page,vote , and than he back on result page. There is for sure space for update, but this (not well explained) rejection doesn’t give me motivation.

You have mobile responsive issues too - content is very pushed up against the edge of pages and content below the results table is off screen

Thanks for your replay and help.
And you think that this can be reason that i get email – ‘isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward…’

It is kind of small thing and they could send me email that i need to fix to look good on mobile too.

I would have thought that the mobile issues is just part of the rejection.

Having looked at it on a desktop I imagine they hard rejected it simply because while it’s ok, I don’t really see anything premium about it that is not already available, often with more on

With any item there has to be a stand out quality or feature which would warrant someone paying for it over using a free (or even paid for in the marketplace) alternative.