item rejected, please tell me why....

Hello all you wonderful people! I am new here and have some hard rejects already, yet this one was “only” rejected due to production… I am remixing this right now, is it possible to reupload it again then?? Thank you! Here’s the track:

Yes, it is possible but the track should be greatly improved. Make sure it satisfies mixing and mastering standards. You should take a listen to some similar tracks on Audiojungle. Btw, I like it! :slight_smile:

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Hi there, cool guitar skill mate, this is a big plus to ya that you using real guitar. I have to agree on that one that you need to put more production in this one.
First that comes in mind, i’d make it 1/3 times shorter and get rid of some repetitions.
Are you using hardware effects for your guitar track? Don’t forget :slight_smile: Premium hardware > software > cheap hardware.
Second it’s a bit raw you really need to put something more in it. Mostly i hear only guitars and drums in your track (there is nothing more right?). Listen to other ppl works it rly helps. Probably i’d put some small percussion in it, some loops would be nice, try to put some more background sound to make it a bit more busy. Try to use more of your dynamic range. Even cheap softsynth or piano would do the job, just as a small help. Also try to use more effects, like reverb or delay to make it sound more pleasurable, but not overdo :slight_smile:
Anyway it’s all only in my opinion. Good luck on you! Fighting. :wink:

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Thank you (to both of you) …I will take everything you wrote above into consideration… there’s also a bass guitar in there but depending on What de vice you are listening to, it might be a Bit hard to hear… anyway, thanks again!

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Hi AudioGuitar!

Definitely the biggest issue is that all guitars are on the left channel, even the bass. Put the bass guitar in the centre, and then keep your electric guitars separated using both the left and right channels. Double tracking the main rhythm guitar and panning them hard left and right is a good way to fill the mix. The drums could be improved by adding some more fills throughout, to make it feel more human. Especially in the section at 1:38, it would be good to have some variation in the drums there.

Great playing and great track, keep mixing!


Hi friend,
I have some ideas here :

  1. Your mixing panning is not is standard for normal pop rock. : Drum & bass should be in center. Guitar can be left or right 2-3 o’clock. If you just have 1 line of guitar chord. Insert the stereo delay at o 0 - 30ms or 30ms-0, it’ll make some stereo feel.
  2. Your timing is not tight enough. Please make a quantization.
  3. Change the drum groove in verse and chorus for more exciting.
  4. First thing to do is re-mixing your track again a see how good it is. You can add some Tambaurine, shakers, string …
  5. You can cut your track shorter or make multi-versions for more options.
    Hope it help you. Happy New Year man.

Thanks to you guys, too!!! its a great help!

I just redid it, worked on the drums, panning, added some synths…all as told…except for mastering ( a friend does it for me and i want to send him the “finished” version, once its ready) and cutting it to pieces/making it shorter…i dont think i forgot anything…

here´s what i got s a far:

a BIG thank you again for your help to all!!!

Improve your production/arrangement skills mate. Track sounding monotonously. Add some dynamics and more instruments there.

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thank you! Will try…

that whole thing started out as an attempt to write a pop punk song, like what you heard on American Pie etc… but since i never put lyrics to it i left it as it is…I am sure it might benefit from more instrumentation, but i also wonder if it doesn’t take away from that initial idea?? as in, “then its not pop punk anymore”…but i will try; hopefully i didn’t myself write into a corner yet…

For start, I think you should try panning instruments correctly and balancing levels. You’ve got here pretty good advice from LongXmusic and AlisterBunclark.

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I did in the second Version…does it sound wrong?

It seems to me that panning is the same as in first version. Most of guitars sound coming from left channel. Or something is wrong with my system :slight_smile:

Mhm…will have a look agaein later…i set bass, git1 ans drums at 0 (12 o’clock] and guitar 2 and 3 at + and - 4 vor maybe even ±8…

Allright, Version Nr 3…I took everything all of you said into equation, at least i tried to…panning should be fine now, too…sorry, about that…here it is:

thanks alot again for all your help!

Strange…I am still hearing most of the sound from left channel. Did you check the track on some other system? I am not expert but maybe it’s some issue with settings of DAW and audio card.

mhm…very strange… well, there must be some issues then…havnet checked on a different system, will see what i can do… i either set them at 12 oclock (Bass drums synths) or ± 4 (guitars)…

apart from that…any further opinions on what i changed it to?? thank you!

I hear the improvement but I can not tell precisely until I hear it correctly.

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You need to work on your Guitar sound quality, in anyway to make it sound better. It’s a dead & no go sound, don’t ruin your skills.

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You need to improve your sound.
It’s not just playing, it’s got to make the music sound,
You need to understand Mixing, Mastering …
Do you use studio monitors?

think about it !
Work and research a lot …

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