Item rejected. Please help

Hi there, I submit a card making system in codecanyaon under html5 category. The link of demo is
But the Item rejected. Please help how can I make it suitable for approve. If any one want to see the original code file then I can send.

Think from the customers perspective.
Why would they want this?
Why would I, as a customer want to send a card with information that isn’t mine (the domain, service section etc)?
If I, as a customer could create my own card (lets say with “drag and drop”) enter my own details etc that would have a greater value and maybe someone would buy it.

As it is now, your product doesn’t have any “customer value”. Ask yourself:
Would you buy something that have someone else’s details apart from your own name?

@Seiron explained right points, your Script so simple, no one will purchase this, add quality design in your script and improve it more to approve,