Item rejected, please help

My wordpress plugin submission was rejected and the only reason i have: we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Please can you help me to understand what is missing. The plugin is available on wordpress, his name is oui! booking. You can find it too on my website:


For starters you can’t be an exclusive author
and be selling the item elsewhere

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ok, i changed my profile to become a Non-exclusive Author. Do you think it’s the only reason? can i re-submit the plugin ?


In codecanyon section please make sure your product is genuine and well coded as well as provide example link and proper images with in normal zip format. Please use icon 80x80 px size. then they accept your submission.

Hi, i removed on my website all the selling page. I submited my plugin again and still rejected for same reason.
I used the right size for the icon.
Can someone tell me what’s wrong ?

I wrote all the code so yes it is genuine. And the plugin has been validated by Wordpress, as you can see with the free version is available here :
So, what’s wrong?

Is that why? Because the exclusivity of my account. I did change it to NON Exclusive but they Pending it? So at the time I submitted my item my intention was for non exclusive but turn out my account still exclusive

Thank you, I already understood that. I finally keep exclusive account, remove commercial from my website and plugin still rejected after that, so it’s not the problem.