Item rejected, please help me! why rejected?

Doesn’t sound too commercial for a library like AudioJungle. Too much stuff going on at the same time, and too random, no clear melodies/phrases, piano arpeggios too complex and unpredictable. Strings, piano and bass have many notes that don’t overlap properly and clash in dissonance. The drums, especially the snare, sound dated.

I get the sense of the atmosphere you’re trying to convey, the intro piano is almost there and could pass as a romantic/sentimental piano track with some more dynamics programmed and some notes removed, but combined with the rest of the instruments, all of the sections would need a large chunk of notes removed in order to be easy on the ears. My advice, choose one specific melodic theme or chord progression and build on it, keep it simple and listen to approved romantic/sentimental tracks on AJ to find out which instrument combinations work in this genre.

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thank you! very much)