Item rejected. Please for your advices

This work is rejected by AJ. The review says: "This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately."
Of course they have their reasons but I cannot understand the problem. I have compare this work with other works in the category “Ambient” but I cannot find the exact problem.

I am thanking you in advance for you help

Here is the track.

I think it sounds a little bit cheap…
try to bring some colour in your track, make the arrangement more interesting and rich

Thank you very much for your comment and the time you spent. I suppose you mean to enrich the sound mainly. I wanted to keep it simple because the kernel is a gregorian chant and I wanted to keep its color. I will hear again other modernized chants to get ideas. Thank you so much again

Was it your first upload? Well, this is not too bad, try to remix and lower a little the volume of your melody and bass.

Yes it’s my first upload. You are right about the volume of the main melody, I noticed that it is a bit high. But the work is hard rejected and according to AJ directions this means that it needs wider modifications. Thank you for your comment it gives me some direction to follow.

I think the musical idea is okay and not bad. Maybe you can improve the sounds by looking for better plugins or samples? because it sounds a bit fake. Also, as @Morenciel just said, the melody is too loud.

I had the same sense about the quality of the sound from the beginning. I tried to make it better but I didn’t have success. Maybe these are the limitations of the plugin that I did make use. Mainly I made use of Sytrus of FL Studio. I do not have a serious pack of samples to use. Furthermore my ears are not that young anymore and I lose frequencies :slight_smile:
Anyway, your comments helped me to understand what was the reason of the rejection, thus I know where to give more attention.
Thank you very much for your time.