Item rejected, please feedback!

Hello! My item recently sent to ThemeForest received a reject. This was my first shipment and would like to know why you what’s wrong? What I have to improve?

I was inspired by the current Windows 10 family, I do not believe it was a case of waste for plagiarism. There are several items in the store identical to the Start Menu on Windows 8 in that plagiarism issues it would not be available for purchase.

Can you help me? Here is the link of the layout:

You themes is good idea but it’s rejected because problem typography, not use bootstrap, messy, margin or padding, bad design maps, etc, you have a time learn more your design .psd for approved sell :slight_smile:

What is this submission for? PSD site?

Page HTML.

  • Have you got a working demo link?

With respect it is not a plagiarism issue, it’s simply nowhere close to the standard for here.

  • There are issues throughout with design fundamentals including margins, typography, spacing, alignment etc

  • The design lacks premium quality/value

Thanks for the feedback! I will improve on the suggestions and try to bring a new improved version :slight_smile:

Spacing and Alignment is a big issue, Also typography needs additional work. Best Luck :slight_smile: