Item rejected. Please be raw!

This is my first attempt to climb, but without success. I need feedback to improve. Thank you!

Before anything else, you need to invest in contemporary, modern sounds. This (no offense) sounds like 80ies elevator music.

Also, stay away from bad acoustic guitar samples - there are enough guys with real guitars here :wink:

Also, try to think more from a background music, and less a songwriting perspective. Focus on an Audiojungle genre that resonates with you and check out the structure and production of successful music in that genre so that you get an impression of where to go with your own approach.

Good luck!

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Thanks FirstNote! I understand cleary.

I’m going to have to agree with what FirstNote said, your samples are low quality. I’d be curious to hear this same piece with quality samples and perhaps a real guitar.

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Thanks! I wonder the same. I will do it!