Item rejected. Newbie question.

Hi! I am newbie.

This item rejected.
I do not know where it is wrong. Help me. Is the mix bad? Is the melody monotonous?

About eq:

-Your drums/toms lack power (sub frequencies).
-Your double basses are way too quiet, not here or one octave too high (I’m not sure) but you lack the lower octave.

Because of that two points the mix sound cold. You need warm and impact (more sub and bass).

-Your mid staccato strings are dull and fighting for the same place in the spectrum than your french horns. Add more definition to all your staccato strings. Place them more in the hi mid-treble area. That will make them sound more energic and open and add brightness lacking to your mix.

At each instrument (group) is own place to peak in the spectrum 1-3 dbs more than the others to make a clear image. Exemple (approximation): toms/drums in the sub (30-60 hz) (keeping their high yet for the definition and edge), double basses in the bass (60-130 hz), cellos (130-300), french horns around (300-600 hz), piano (600-2000 hz), staccato strings (2000-12000 hz), your cymbals/white noise sweep fx on the top (6000-16000 hz). Don’t overdue that, each instrument still need is low end and defintion or you will get a tiny and harsh sounding mix…

About arrangement:

-Need to vary more, it’s a bit repetitive. Try to make a clearer progression because it feels a bit random.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply.
And thank you carefully!
I will try them.

I think about arranging a little more.

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