Item rejected - need help



My project got rejected from the application process. These guys won’t give feedback on whats wrong, (not sure why, or how that helps both parties) . I need someone with experience to help out. thanks.


you need to share a link to the demo


In the app forum, I did input a demo link. thanks for your reply


I mean you should put a demo link here if you want advice or feedback


I see. The demo link is - The product URL is . Thank you


What is it you are selling? The fantasy league script? Or some derivative of it?


A fantasy sports plug-in for WP. It converts WP into Fanduel and Draftkings. Its a contest engine. Many game types , not just the player draft. There are quite a few types of games. They can be for money or played for free.


To be honest that’s a bit over my head in terms of why it may/may not be approved.

You need to be very careful as an exclusive author that those links above (which are paid for services) are not another way of selling the plugin