Item rejected, need help!

Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.

I don’t know what is the problem, my item is (Arabic Translation package for Perfex CRM), I uploaded the main zip file that includes the translation files along with the installation instructions, the preview files in zip file, plus 80x80 px & 590x300 px images, but got rejected, any idea?

I used WinZip v27 to compress the files, could that be the reason?


hard rejection because of lack of quality standard. You have to put more premium features, more user-friendly UI, etc.

your item was in arabic as you mentioned. can you show us what is your graphics material and did you also include the documentation how to use this plugin with prefex-crm.

I put these instructions:

NOTE: This is not a standalone software!

This is just the Arabic language package for (Perfex - Powerful Open Source CRM).

It was translated professionally & accurately by us, no translation websites or software were used at all.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the translation compressed file.

  2. Upload the downloaded file to your Perfex website, ex:

  3. Extract the file in the root folder of Perfex folder.

  4. Go to Admin Area, then: Setup → Settings → Localization.

5- Select (Arabic) under the title (Default Language).

6- Click (Save Settings) & you are ready to go!

تعليمات التثبيت:

  1. قم بتنزيل ملف الترجمة.

  2. قم برفع الملف إلى مجلد Perfex في موقعك، مثال:

  3. قم بفك ضغط الملف في المجلد الرئيسي لمجلد Perfex.

  4. إذهب إلى لوحة تحكم الإدارة، ثم: Setup → Settings → Localization.

  5. اختر (Arabic) تحت العنوان (Default Language).

6- إضغط (Save Settings)، لقد قمت بتحويل الموقع للغة العربية بنجاح.

And regarding the preview I uploaded these files:

where is documentation ? you make word or pdf file ?
i guess this plugin is not much handy for codecanyon, because prefex crm already have worked on too many languages other than arabic may be they will add arabic in future updates, that will be the reason may b.

I made the above instructions in the item description, and also in a text file inside the main zip file.

There is already an Arabic plugin for Perfex, but not sold by them, but the translation is not perfect at all, and it doesn’t include all pages or error messages, my translation is more accurate and I translated every thing in the scrip, 99% of it.

I now added a PDF documentation with all necessary details, overview, requirements, how to install along with screenshots, can I submit it for the review after this hard reject?

codecanyon not recommend to resubmit items after hard rejection, but you can try with change in title, description ,graphics images(more attractive) and documentation.

Thanks a lot

I changed everything, title, description, images, documentation, still rejected

That would not be deemed enough of an update to resolve a hard rejection - it needs to be significant changes to the features and functionality.

I do not know if it would be relevant but generally Envato require items to be in English - obviously hard given what your item does, but might be an issue.


But what improvements should I add to the translation files, I got a permission from the script author to translate his script, and so I did.

I only translated the language files from English to Arabic.

The only thing I can do is provide a good description & well written documentation, plus some attractive images.

There is already an Arabic translation item in codecanyon, he didn’t translate everything, his inline image is very very basic, yet they approved his item.

I translated around 99% of the script, and spent a long time doing so, yet I didn’t meet quality standards.

I also translated some Perfex addons to Arabic, there are no similar translations available in codecanyon at all, yet all were rejected.