Item rejected, looking for feedback

Hi everyone,
I was just looking for some feedback on this item that was rejected for “quality issue”. Im having a hard time pinpointing exactly why my files are being rejected and i think i just need a 2nd set of ears from other audiojungle authors.

Thanks for your help!

I am not a reviewer so my opnion is just that - my opinion.

  1. Kick way too loud.
  2. Mix too bass heavy.
  3. Arrangement too boring.
  4. Claps need to drop out during track to provide some variation.
  5. “How do I end this thing?” - think about a proper ending.

Thank you, appreciate your opinion!

We know AJ is not quite the place for originality, but still, you are one mute guitar away from ’ Every breath you take.

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It can be called “Every muted you take”


I like this idea

I like the melody potential. I would spend time trying to get the drums and percussion more interesting, individual sounds and arrangement. Then try to add a little movement to the synth sounds. Finally a few more sfx idea to make the transitions more interesting. Hope this helps. I think you have a track here that can get accepted with work. Good luck.

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