Item rejected immediately after submission


I recently uploaded a new item but got back a hard rejected mail in just 20-25 minutes.

It is a woocommerce addon and we already have 7 items approved and live. And so I am very perplexed.

I am pretty sure it is not code-related as it would have taken more than 20 minutes to review the code.

It has to be something else.

Anyone has an idea what could have been the reason?


All documentation etc. submitted correctly?

It’s hard to give feedback without seeing the demo link


Yes, documentations are in place.

However, I found that the screenshot size was not the correct dimension and I had added woocommerce logo in the preview image.

You think this would have been sufficient for a hard reject?

This is a very unique item that doesn’t exist in the market, so you will understand why I am reluctant to give demo link.

The screenshots could have made an impact, although the reviewers do sometimes point that out and it does not seem like something which would cause a hard reject.

The Woocommerce logo would not be an issue

Again without seeing the demo link you submitted it’s impossible to give precise feedback

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Hello @MoMo-Themes

Have you found any reason? I have the same thing, I just uploaded WordPress theme and it’s get rejected in 25 min and this time I have check the code quality and all to exact the published theme.

need demo link for exact answer and setting reason. :smiling_face:

It is a woocommerce addon. But I think I had chosen the ‘product’ subcategory under woocommerce category as there is no ‘addon’ subcategory option.

Could that be the reason?

It’s possible but again without seeing the demo link you provided it’s impossible to give any kind of advice

@MoMo-Themes @cassiemarquardtc @charlie4282

Here is my demo link:
If you need the code then I can provide the zip file of code as well.