Item Rejected. How can I improve the quality standard?

This track was rejected because the item did not meet the “commercial quality standard required”.

I am kinda new to music production. Please give me your feedback on where I can improve and what are the obvious mistakes I am making. Thanks in advance.

I think main issue is lack of development and diversity, cause overall it sounds good. At 0:55 it starts to sound monotone.

I listened to your track in the Audio Technicia headphones and I hear:

  1. there is not enough high and upper mids for tracks with a melody,
  2. drums in the foreground and music in the background
  3. drums, like the whole track, sounds monotonous, try making breaks in the drum part …
  4. and hiss (the sound of shakers in drums) … try to reduce or remove it
    Hope this should help … :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Thanks. It is really helpful.

It’s not critical that melody tracks don’t have much high frequencies if that was your idea, it kinda sounds like lo fi track. Reducing clap volume and diversing drum parts would be most valuable.

Hello, in my opinion:

1.You try build all track on one main instruments, maybe two.
try to add new sound, something new after 4 bars and so on.
stay with motive and and add new instrument (maybe new pad)
2.Too much bass
3. Quality is ok!

good luck!