Item rejected for Theme Check plugin warning

Hi there,

One of my theme got rejected two times. They provided me a reason but i am unable to fix it. I really need help to fix it. Any help will be appreciate. Please see the image bellow.

Note: First time when i submitted the theme i did not get this problem but after soft reject when i try to check the issues again using the latest version of theme-check plugin i am getting this issues.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, find those texts in woocommerce files and write the text-domain (at this moment there text-domains missing) and then …

UPDATE your theme to use the following:


esc_html__( 'String', 'text-domain' );
esc_html_e( 'String', ’text-domain' );

Some HTML:

wp_kses( __( 'String <strong>something</strong>', 'text-domain' ), $allowed_html_array );

It’ll fix those issues! Cheers!

Hi Ebrahim6,

Thank you. which one i should use esc_html__( ‘String’, ‘text-domain’ ); or esc_html_e( ‘String’, ’text-domain’ ); I used esc_html_e( ‘String’, ’text-domain’ ); but getting error.

At first , write the missing text-domain, then it will NOT show any error.

Thank you Ebrahim. I will check.

Hi Ebrahim i am confused. Could you please check this. I am using all the string like this.

it should be

<?php esc_html_e('Toggle Navigation', 'themename') ?>

Text-domain should be your theme name, if your theme name is “Vital”, then put

<?php esc_html_e('Toggle Navigation', 'vital') ?>


How i can check website theme of a affiliate blog ? I want to create a website like how I can check its theme?

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