Item rejected Card


Could you tell me what’s wrong?

Thank you.

Hello, I recommend that you load only the previews, not the editable files of the design here in the forum :+1:

As for design, honestly, this is very simple, try a bit more when designing for Envato, plus there are some errors like this:
You use two different typefaces in the same section where you should have only one, in addition the part of the email you used all the letters in capital letters and in the address no, the design is not constant, to look for inspiration you can look for other cards already approved in GraphicRiver

The next time you do not include the source (it only includes the link to download it in the help file) that you used or the preview images in the main file

I think Ycdp says is true. The design is very simple

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I agree with what Ycdp and puriex say. The design is not very creative, and if you are looking to sell your items in this category, your design has to stand out from the rest. Just put a little more effort into it, and you’ll succeed. Wish you the best :slight_smile:

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Okay, thank you for your help and for answering me.

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hi for me this is a matter of typo that is not appropriate and as showed which is not coherent , since changing without any reason , plus the design is definitely flat indeed, try to do a bit more rather than a bit less , this is better