Item Rejected, can you give me a feedback for improvement?



Hi all, I’ve got another rejection, and I’m wondering if I could get a feedback from you guys,


here’s the link


No one?


Hey, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:
I know it’s hurt but believe me, I don’t want to hurt you! :blush:
but the guitar sound quality and the arrangement is not good enough
God Bless You! :v:t2:


Is the sample provided here the exact same quality that was uploaded for review by AJ? Overall the sound is thin and tinny. Also, where is the center of the sound stage, its sounds all but empty? It also sounds like there are some weird phasing issues going on, did you test this in mono?

I’m not trying to be overly critical, but there is something strange going on with this mix that I could help you fix with some additional information. Could you provide some details on your mixdown/mastering process and what effects you used?


Hey! Thanks for replying and for the feedback!
When you say arrangement, you mean the structure of it?



Hey, sure.
So first of all, I checked in mono, and almost the totality of the percussions and rhythmic elements disappear (which is obviously something that I should have checked).

Regarding the mix, there’s quite a bit of saturation plugins on many of the channels, same for reverb. Some x-noise and similar plugins on some channels; on the master bus I have compressions, little eq, Izotope 7 (with tape, maximiser, eq,comp,exciter and imager), and again, saturation.

I have the feeling that I overcooked an audio signal that wasn’t properly recorder, messing it up a bit.
It does sounds thin and strange, missing something, and not focused, not central.

There’s no hard panning in any channel, but, the intro guitar are 2 separate tracks panned +10/-10. Now, inverting the phase of 1 of them, I get a full body “in your face” kinda sound for 1 guitar, while the other disappear.

Sorry for the long message, is there any other info I can give you to help understanding the issue? Although it seems to be phase issues and overall bad quality recording/mic positioning.



That sample sounds like a 64 kbps mp3.


I think phase cancellation is the majority of the problem. I’m just guessing here because I’m not looking at your settings but it sounds like one of the channels has been phase inverted somewhere, most likely the Imager in Izotope7. With one inverted channel, phase cancellation is cancelling out a good majority of the low end and pretty much anything panned center. Try inverting one of your channels, L or R, and see what happens.


I agree that is sounds like a low quality MP3, but that is only because of a phase problem that is cancelling a lot of frequencies out. Low bit rate MP3s are also missing some important frequency ranges which is by design to keep the file size low, so the end result ends up sounding thin just like audio with phase problems.


Sorry, I missed that you stated you tried phase inverting one channel on the guitar and it improved. Thats good, that means you found part of the problem. Now you just have to determine if the phase inversion is being caused on each track or something happened to all of the tracks at the master output/mastering phase.


I’m phase inverting one channel on the master and, putting it in mono, and almost all of the percussion tracks disappear…it’s crazy.
I guess it is something on the master bus AND on each individual track, or many of them.

Now I know where to look for the problem and I’ll just mix that again to see if I can solve it.

Thanks you very much man, I really really appreciate the time to read, listen and answer.



No problem, I’m glad you figured it out


Hey Mat :wave:
The arrangement in this piece is amazing for me. It’s pleasure to listen to! But what with the quality of sound? Feels like you rendered it in 64 kbps. :smiley: Anyway what was the problem? Did you manage to fix this?


Hey man thanks for replying, yeah it is a phase issue problem. There were some doubled tracks that cancelled each other, for example rhythmic guitars, and percussions too.
So it ended up sounding thin and weird.

Also some of the original recordings weren’t of great quality.

I guess when it’s like that you just have to listen to the raw recordings, decide which one need to be re-recorded, and then mix it all over again, making sure not to fall into the same mistakes.