Item reject. What could be better? Need opinions.

This item was hard rejected (quality standard). Demo link: Appointment Maker

Maybe anybody can give me some hints about what could I make better.

Thank you.

Save your main file(s):

Organize your file and documentation so that it is easy to view, edit and understand. Group, label and organize common elements so that buyers are able to easily edit your file.

The more editable your file is, the more valuable it is to buyers. Ensure that you validate your code, and code in a style that represents the latest and best practices in the industry. :slight_smile:

Soo the point is: “The more editable your file is” . I do not buy your presentation. I buy your code. How you present your work depend of your imagination to make people to buy your script :slight_smile: but how you write the code is my problem like buyer or dev. I think this is the main point. Soo if i am wrong, blame me :))

Hi addudev,
first, thank you for your message.

That’s the point. Everything is well documented. The source code is easy to edit. Every part in the source is commented to understand how it works and it use the latest practice (confirmed by other developers).

So, I think I forgot something, but I don’t know what.