Item reject. Can you give me some advice please?

Hi! I will be really appreciate for your feedback about mixing, sounds, mixing and mastering. Thanx.
Genre: Abstract.

Is it possible that the synth pad is out of tune, for example at 0:40? The bell-like sound at 1:12 also sounds a bit fishy. That alone can be a reason for rejection.
Otherwise, I think the mix is fine. The composition might be a bit too repetitive for the track length.

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Nice song! A shorter breakdown in the middle maybe?
Sound-wise I really like it. The brass/string section sounds very synth-like, but I guess it’s on purpose and it suits the song nicely.

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Ok guys, I really need your help. Another day and another hard reject. It was normal for the first times, but now it every time when I upload. I give up, I dont know where I need to dig to find what I need to master.
Here is track (hard reject today) Genre: Pop:

And hard reject few days ago:

Something wrong with them and I please your help to find what.

Hey @VestaMusic, I’ve listened to your rejected tracks.
Tropical Pop has a very repetetive melody on the lead synth and it doesn’t develop throughout the track. Maybe that is the reason of it’s rejection. Also overall mixing and mastering doensn’t sound tight enough for me.
Orchestra Pop has the same problem with mixing and mastering but also has a problem with composition. Intro does not encourage to listen futher and orchestral samples sound very synthetic. Maybe reviewer listened only for 10 seconds and it’s was enough for him to give it a hard reject.
Hope you will find this message usefull and have a good day!

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Thanx, it is very usefull. Now I know in what I must concentrate in future tracks.

Hi there! Tropical Pop suffers from having some rather cheesy dated sounds, it doesn’t really sound like it’s tropical either. The overall idea feels incomplete, like it is just a sketch.

I quite liked some of the sections of “Orchestra Pop”. RedSound-Studio is correct in his comments about the synthetic sounds and the intro was not very strong, but the biggest sections of the track weren’t too bad. Except the sustained notes repeating on the same note in the last minute were hard to handle. I really like the tom fills, very catchy!

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Thanx, it is really helpful.

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Hey VestaMusic! I’m rather new too :slight_smile:

I agree that the tracks doesn’t develop enough… With that I mean; Try “building” the song by using dynamics…
For example by adding a new element/instrument like kick, synth, new synth line and so forth every 4th or 8th bar… And a typical “tropical” song has a drop, and then it’s important to really seperate the part after the drop from the one before :slight_smile: Hope that makes sense… A lot of potential though…

You’ll get those songs up soon! I believe that :slight_smile:

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You know, right now I try too listen bestsellers and finally I hear what I can not hear like 2 days ago. It really needs more dynamic with different changes in parts. And more elements. So I need to work more on my tracks. Also I try to compress not too much, but like I see I need compress more so the spectrum looks like one line.

So, thanx).

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Awesome! Keep it up :+1: