Item prices misaligned

Item prices are misaligned.
Happens on all categories on TF, CC, AJ, VH, GR for all items.
On desktop, mobile and tablet too.
prices misaligned

Also, a separate category in the forums available to report issues like this would be extremely useful :kissing_heart::hugs:

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Hi @hevada,

Does it happen on a specific web browser? I can’t see the issue on Chrome, Firefox or IE.

You can always report it to Envato Help and Support directly, select “Site Feedback” as a reason to contact. There wouldn’t be much threads in separate forum section :slight_smile:


Hi Luca,
Thank you for your reply.

Stupid me, I forgot to mention I’m using on the laptop the Firefox Developer Edition

with Windows 8.1 PRO

and on mobile devices the Firefox for Android:

(yes, I know, it’s beta and shouldn’t be supported by Envato Market, I just thought you want to know about this issue)

I tested now with other browsers, indeed it seems that everything ok with other browsers…:kissing_heart:

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Thank you! It’s always nice to know about possible issues, I’m sure Envato devs will take your input into consideration :slight_smile: