Item Price Increase


When was the last one? Anyone know?


I think about two years ago the price was $18.

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Thanks :slight_smile:


Indeed, last increase occurred mid August 2015. So a bit over two years ago. It’s the longest run without increase, since I got on here, but the psychological $20 barrier might be harder to cross.


Got to be crossed one day!!!


I’d love to see it be higher. $19 is too low.

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We will be happy if it’ll happen lol

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Would be great to see $20 price at least :slight_smile:


$20 would be a nice round number. And $9 or $10 for HD wouldn’t be too hard to swallow when it comes to video. I guess they’ll have to put them up eventually, when we’re all going round in flying cars and a loaf of bread costs $20.