Item Preview has no audio

My most recently approved item upload has a muted preview, like there’s no audio in the file - anyone else experienced this?

I’ve sent a help request, but just curious…


Maybe John Cage reviewed it…

JK, no idea. Hope they’ll resolve this issue soon.

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Yeah really weird, and annoying, think of the 1 million people who were going to buy it today only to find they can’t preview it, I could have become an elite author over night :laughing:


Downloaded the preview. Still muted, but file properties says Bitrate: 192kbs
Did you upload by mistake a 192kbs preview file instead of 320kbs?

Yes, just did the test, yes, this 192 think is strange…

All fixed now, just re-uploaded…

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Great, let the sales begin! :slightly_smiling_face:
Nice tune btw! Congrats!

Hey, the same here, only that is not muted, but you can not see the versions at all . So You just reuploaded the preview and then fine?

Team HoneyLoud

I have sound but no wave image. Is it a bug, Envato?

Yours is like this?

But how I see everybody on the main page (newest items) has the same problem :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, the same