Item Page SEO article and Q&A with our SEO specialists

Thank you for the answer!
Thank you for dealing with these mistakes.
It would be nice to manage the h1 tag on the /user/ page
On the /item/ page, we can already manage the h1 tag by changing the item name. I think we should add a file type (at least on videohive). For example:
itemname | After Effects Project File
itemname | Motion Graphics
itemname | Premiere Pro Templates
But maybe it would be wrong on the part of SEO.

BenLeong Will there be a similar thread on the forum visited by UI\UX?
I think this would be of interest to many users.

The fact is that the first text in the description automatically falls into the description tag. This tag is usually limited to 160 characters (if I’m not mistaken).
Probably what’s on the screenshots is what google does. If he believes that the text content is good, respectively, in the snippet in the search engine output goes more text description to the link. I think so.

Suppose, I make same Item as another Author have. For Example, Bottle Mock-up

I put keyword “small bottle” and another Author have same keyword too + high sales for that particular Item. For which Item Google will give priority?