Item page design

Hi, I am looking for templates that could be used to create item page design like top selling items on themeforest, codecanyon and graphicriver.

Can this be found at Graphicriver?


You can try in the “web elements” section. Maybe you find something on “miscellaneous”, although I think themeforest is better for your purpose. Why don’t you try in there?

hi I am sorry I do not get it, what are u expecting for? buying items or creating and asking to yourself where to post?

Those item pages are not “templates” it’s just well made graphics and content compiled using basic html.

it’s unlikely any author would try to make a template from it as it almost entirely depends on the item, it’s design and features

I am looking to buy graphics template to create nice graphics like this:

hi ok, this is mean to create something for a customer or your own company ? because if u want to buy to sell here u will need extended licence otherwise …

I sell plugins on Codecanyon. I need graphics to describe product features, on Codecanyon item page, like images above.

Thanks, one idea is to use a website template from Themeforest, then take a screenshot. But I thought there might be something on Graphicriver that could be used for this purpose.

I know most item page descriptions are custom made, I just thought there must be some kind of template kit that can be used for this. There are couple of “envato preview image templates” on Graphicriver. I wonder why there is just few of those items.

Also, I found this Announcing the winners of our $2,000 Author and item page template design contest

Is there anything similar on Graphicriver or Themeforestr?

if only for previewing matters, this looks ok indeed :slight_smile: