Item page design, what do you find useful?



Hi there!

Well, so I decided to offer help to my fellow providers on the envato platform so everyone can have a cool and compelling design for their item pages :grin:

As I’m working on the first orders, I was wondering, if you guys can help me by telling me, in terms of design and the information you put on your item pages, what are the things that have worked for you best? and what are your preferences? for example, display ALL the features for your theme with icons (if you are on themeforest) or just the most relevant stuff with text? and in what order do you prefer to display the info? :smile:

Thank you!!!





My theme’s page is showing some outstanding features with big images, some great features with icon, and all features with text :smiley:


@KingDog I’m not sure why you pinned this topic globally and why it isn’t flagged.
Isn’t it some kind of self-promotion?
I mean “Laujimenez” is asking for suggestions/preferences on item pages, then why its linked to Envato Studio page where users can order services?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


You’re right and I removed the link, but I still think the conversation on how to improve item pages is worth having :smile: