item not as described

I bought the theme Marketify.
I didn’t have time to read everything, I just looked at the live demo.
After I bought it I found out that actually this theme is not a market theme, is just a ordinary shop theme that can be enhanced by buying more plugins

So the demo it wasn’t reflecting what is selling, it was reflecting what it could be. the same I could say if I buy any themeforest theme that supports those plugins.

So I asked for a refund, because the theme is not as described.

The author responded that the theme is as described, when I ask him why the demo is different he stoped responded.

He refuse to take any action, so I can’t go further to talk with Envato, is been more then 6 days.

Because of this I rated 1 star, what to do next ?

Please note that I rated 1 star after he stoped responded. I never used the rating as leverge.

I found the relevant informations here:

so it looks like I have to wait more… unfortunally

I really appreciate the fact that you didn’t hate rate the item or use it as leverage, and first you chose to ask for a refund kindly, in cases like these if the item is not as described and the author refused to provide you with a refund you can escalate the case with Envato support . If what you describe is true, the item will be disabled and you’ll be offered a full refund.

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Thank you for fast respond!

Glad to have helped.

PS: I’m locking this thread down, as the community can do nothing in order to assist you. Please get in touch with support and they’ll handle this for you. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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