Item held for further review

Hey everyone
My song is being held for further review. Did it ever happened to anyone else?

Also, if someone could give me some feedback on the song I would appreciate it. I tried to keep it simple, I’m still learning how to write songs for corporate, etc.

Thanks everyone

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Sometimes during the review process an item will need to be temporarily taken out of the queue to be reviewed by another member of staff, to get further information, or to resolve a bug.

This is nothing to worry about, and usually just means a reviewer requires a second opinion or help. For instance, an item might be put on hold because the reviewer:

Wants a second opinion on pricing or the appropriate category to put the item in,
Needs help making the item work correctly in the Envato Market system,
Wants the site manager to review the item because it’s unusual in some way, or
Wants a reviewer with special skills to review the item if it requires specific knowledge for proper review.

More about helding you can read here

Not a guitar/rock music expert but for me the quality of the song is really decent. But the arrangement is a bit complicated especially somewhere in the middle part. it needs to be more cheesy if you want to sell it (it’s not that easy for me either :smiley: ) good luck!

Thanks! Still learning here!

Thank you! Yeah, I need to keep listening to more stuff here, to get the hang of it. You’re right, cheesy is the word!!

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I think the arrangement is ok, I can very well see this on a faster paced video presentation. Mix also sounds ok to me, so I don’t see (hear) a problem! :wink:

Yes, it happened to me once. Took around 3 more days to get it approved in the end.

I think 1st reviewer needs a second opinion regarding bits of it

I gues you’ll receive a declaration soon from the reviewer about this issue.

About the track. The main riff of the guitar is fine. I think SunBeats is right, it’s a bit too ‘complicated’.
Maybe you should try a more simple drum goove, especially the kick which is now heavily synchronized with the riff.

And you should get the instruments closer and drier. A bit too roomy now. That could give more punch on the track. A ‘Live’-Sound isn’t a good idea for RFM.

Just IMHO and in my ears.

Good luck mate!

Thanks so much everyone!! Unfortunatelly I got a hard reject! But it’s ok, I’ll keep working on it.
I have a song approved not long ago, and with this one I tried to go a little deeper, and maybe you’re right about the arrangement and kick, etc.
Thanks again for your feedback and good luck to everyone!

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That’s an attitude ! Keep it going