Item has been rejected

What is the problem with this design? I received a message “Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Coffee Flyer Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”

hi this is tasteful indeed, the problem is that there are a good things of things to fix, modify or improve all the same.

1- realistic looks
at this stage the composition with the coffee , macarons and chocolate still needs a bit improvement so that this is turning really more realistic and flawless. Introducing the right shadows where appropriate will help u to overcome just this and help u ged rid of the bit “artificial” side of the composition

2- contrast
a lot of people are underestimating it , but this is a major issue, not only because this is part of the few basic design principles, but also because this is also have impact and repercussions on many other things directly.

3- readability
well this is matching with point 2, indeed , u have some of the texts that turn out to be difficult to read and this is not suitable since this is gamely decreasing the purpose of the whole flyer

4- hierarchy
this is also more or less related to contrast things , but indeed u are braking the hierarchy out of having a few text items and the title in particular not popping out as expected indeed. Not only should the main / central title be read easily, but it should be outstanding and let people know directly what the whole flyer is all about and for such purpose , the title is expected to extremely visible and popping out

5- lack of space for additional info
well, loo, at the moment, u have very limited , and even when it comes to sideway information , like opening hours for instance, there is very little space available and meant for this purpose indeed

6- price bullet
for me not only is this misplaced as hiding a bit the most important element (i mean with the title) but this is also looking too crammed inside the bullet, not to mention that for me the style is not completely in keeping with the rest

7- typo
not sure that there would not be better choices for the choice of the used font for secondary information, maybe opting for a more simple one but more readable too would have been welcome