Item has been rejected. Please help!

Hi guys. This is my track that was rejected. Could you please tell me what can be wrong with it? Thank you for any help!

  1. 0:00-2:39 (main)
  2. 2:40-6:48 (metal version)
  3. 6:49-8:18 (short)

Hi Alexander,

First of all, great track! I really dig the idea, the buildup and the sound.
The compressor/limiter could be a bit too loud on the masterbus perhaps? I cant really judge that though as i have a cold.

The thing that sticks out to me the most is at 1:33 when the strings play a note, and a stinger/riser comes in that is completely fighting with the strings/violin at that moment… fighting for EQ, for space in the track, and it is sort of a dissonance and it just sounds ugly for such a beautiful track… that is more something a horror track could use :wink:

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: