Item has been rejected...any suggestion?

Hello friends :slight_smile:

Hmm…where it can be a problem? Any help…suggestion is welcome.

Thank you very much.


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Looks like the woman is on her knees :thinking:

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Omg :smiley: maybe

LOL are u sexist or something (joke)


i think this is very cool and harmonious an item , i like it like this, though to be honest the place or proportion of the girl on the sideway may not be completely right… i think u can either do without her or that u should give her more space , especially vertically speaking
as i mentioned i like what u have done but u have a few small contrast issues with some texts due to the global organization of the kakemono … (like for “register by” which is hard to read)

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no, I adore women (true) :relieved:

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same here but this doesn’t not mean that we can be a bit macho sometimes lol

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Guys…thank u for help and very funny moments :joy:

:slight_smile: this is cool to smile a bit too lol

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