item hard rejection of a cowboy mascot


Please help! All my character design uploads are hard rejected and they didn’t give feedback/critiques. I need tips how to upload not to hard reject.
this is what i have uploaded :


hi Jamx indeed i think that your illustration is rather cool and unique, however , i am not really surprised that u got hard rejected if u have posted only this one , as let’s face it the posture and the style may not make it compatible with everyone’s desires or needs and it seems that in tis category u are more likely to make it if u offer something very adaptable indeed. Please refer to some talented good sellers here like @memoangeles and u will understand what i am talking about :slight_smile: good luck buddy


thanks mr really appreciate it


i am not so old old the same to call me Mr or Sir lol i feel like u are addressing my father lol otherwise u are welcome , happy if i could help :slight_smile:


Hi! I saw your portfolio, you have great work. The image you put seems just fine to me. Maybe it looks like the cowboy shit himself? Try uploading more conventional things, like animals, kids, keep it simple at first. If that is not it, maybe is a technical problem.


we should always ask the best guys in town so here we are :slight_smile: i assume i was right to call u out Memo :slight_smile:


thanks men …that was helpful …:wink: