item hard rejected

i made a logo of Audi and mercedes but both of them are rejected :frowning:
i have no idea why. help pleaseimage

Very basic for 3D … also, but I’m not sure, You can’t use registered trademark. Do You have rights to make them logotypes?

hi, i am personally sure that this is because u are violating copyrights by doing so , so they will not allow u to upload this one obviously …

Copyright might not be the issue because 3DOcean has a different approach with trademarks/logos and real world products. Details: Rules and exceptions in Trademark Usage

It could be the quality of the render compared to the other car logos on 3DOcean

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hmm, ja but if it was the quality only the could give a soft rejection. i don’t know :frowning:

but thanks for replies.

The bottom one is of fair quility the top not so much.

Just a quick search showed a number of files similar to your and a number of them are higher quality✓&term=car+logo&referrer=homepage

Avpoid creating things that there are lots of, not worth it for the low prices of badges.

You could post wireframe model picture. Might be problem with geometry / modeling.
If you look at Audi logo, between 3rd and 4th ring, there are some unnecessary faces.
Also, Mercedes logo looks like it’s made from 2 separate pieces. Inner sign is not connected / welded to outer ring.

you right it could be, because it’s two pieces.also the audi circles are separate image