Item "hard rejected" without any feedback or response

Hey all,

After having followed the Code Item Preparation & Technical Requirements guide and waiting a few days to allow for the review process to take its course, I received an email with the subject entitled, “Daily proofing digest email 19th November 2021,” and its contents were as follows:

Hi AppStudioTeam,
Here is a sample of your items reviewed for the day.

Hard rejected (1)
iOS Website Builder for Architect

I checked back with the CodeCanyon Author dashboard, only to find that I no longer had any items in review, nor were there any new messages on my account. My account had no messages to begin with.

What is the cause of this? Being that the product is a mobile app, I cannot exactly show it to you; however, I do have the video example that I submitted along with the app: iOS Website Builder for Architect Setup Demo - YouTube

Any advice on what steps I should take from here would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you for your time!