Item hard rejected, need help


my item was hard rejected, unfortunatelly that’s my first attempt to sell theme on envato so I will be happy if someone can explain what should be fixed exactly.

Here’s the demo - Thanks.

There are some issues in your design.

It’s not buttons but the design says it is.

An uppercase text is a bad practice.

Is it all the information about team? There are no photos of team members.

This card is bad designed: there are troubles with spacing and alignment.

Good luck, Aspirity.

oh, thanks! I’ll try to fix it

Hey, there. Just wanted to add a few points:

  • Home page has a horizontal scrollbar
  • You have used div a lot in your code, try article, aside and HTML5 tags instead
  • Provide a blog article page.
  • In services page, list you used primary color to mark the first letter, It’s not legible.( I would go about using different tints and shades of the primary colors to accomplish that.)
  • try not using small HTML tag, use CSS for it.
  • The menu hamburger goes down on mobile screens, rather hide tagline in smaller screens to prevent that.

Add-on some color combinations and keep it readily available. A little more padding here and there.

CSS file should be commented and given instructions so as to make some small changes if need be.

Also, congratulations on your first attempt! May you get selected in the next one. :slight_smile:

Have a good day :smiley:

It’s not responsive?

This is something which you will almost certainly need to fix if not for approval then certainly in terms of achieving sales

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